Minimising the risk of infection between driver and passenger

What are Zero Exec doing to help our chauffeurs and passengers stay safe?


  1. Safety is always top priority at Zero Exec, whether it be for our chauffeurs or our passengers. The first safety measure that we have implemented is that the driver is required to wear a face mask at all times. The mask should be able to cover the nose, mouth and chin.


Passengers will also be offered a face mask but we do not insist that they wear it.


  1. Gloves are available to use however unless the client requests that the driver wear them it is not compulsory for the driver to do so. The reason behind this is that all our drivers regularly wash / sanitize their hands using Carex hand sanitizer which contains at least 70% alcohol. For details of the specific type of sanitizer that we use please click here.


        This should ensure that the driver’s hands are not carrying the virus.


  1. The interior of the car is cleaned and disinfected prior to collecting each customer. We always ensure that the car is cleaned between jobs but now we go an extra step making sure that any area where the passenger makes contact with the vehicle is cleaned and also disinfected with anti bacterial spray. For details on the spray that we use please click here.


  1. The snack box is a relatively new addition to the vehicle and will remain in place unless we find a good reason to remove it. All snacks are individually packaged and the container box itself is cleaned at the start of each day. Bottled water is still provided for each customer who travels with us.


  1. Hand shaking is not currently permitted due to the risk of passing on infection, this is in the best interest of both the driver and the passenger. We will still help with loading your luggage if requested, drivers will ask what your preference is when they pick you up.


  1. If the chauffeur displays any symptoms of COVID-19 they will:


  • Self isolate as soon as possible

  • Stay at home for 14 days as a minimum, until your symptoms have gone and until you test negative for COVID-19




We have tried to make our COVID-19 safety FAQ / Policy simple yet effective whilst maintaining that special personal service that our clients expect when travelling with Zero Exec.


We will monitor the latest government guidance each week and adjust this document when appropriate.


We believe that because of the low volume of customers that we serve and therefore low number of clients contacts, that travelling with a chauffeur is possibly the safest way to travel during these times. 


The cleansing and disinfecting of the vehicle, the cleanliness of the driver and the fact that the driver is positioned 1m away from the passenger at all times during the journey ensures that if you do need to make an essential journey, then being transported there by Zero Exec is a very safe way to do so.


Whether it be an inter-city journey, an airport transfer or anything else, choosing a chauffeur to take you means that you can relax as you're in safe hands and there is very little chance of you contracting the virus when in our vehicle.

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