Because our Tesla Model X is powered entirely by electricity this means that absolutely no harmful emissions are put into the Earth's atmosphere while you are being transported.

Modern & Stylish

With its slick spaceship-Esque styling the Tesla Model X really does stand out for all the right reasons. The modern curved silhouette of the vehicle is very distinctive and the car really is like a work of art with beautiful details everywhere you look.


Luxurious & Comfortable

The vehicle interior is fitted out with six comfortable, vegan leather 'bucket' seats. Each one of them is heated for added comfort and they are also electrically adjustable.

Due to the dramatic panoramic windscreen, the cabin also feels light and the inbuilt HEPA filtration system ensures that the air quality is the best of any vehicle on the road.

Chauffeur Driven

I myself, Andy Conlon, am the driver of the vehicle. I take great pride in catering to your every need and it's my top priority to make sure that you arrive safely, on time and feeling likes you have had a great, personalised experience with ZERO Exec.

I am passionate about providing the highest level of customer service and operating a business that is positive not just for the customer but also for the environment.

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